Friday, 26 Apr 2019

If you are innocent then Amazon is with you!!!

It is not necessary that is someone complaints about you so it must be true. Yes! Many times it is seen that complaints are a result of jealousy or a misunderstanding as well. And when it comes to professional life then it increase so much because everyone wants to be on top that is all tries to take down the one who is constantly heading towards the success!

When it comes to professional life then how is that possible that we ignore the online business. Amazon is one of the most popular online shopping portals for the people around there. Here you can find out all in just one click. There is no limit because here vendors, brands and shopkeepers from all over the world present their products and get a chance to increase their worth as well.

It is a place where you don’t need to be worried at all because here you will find out transparency a top priority. Yes! Here the customer is the real king and Amazon really owes this thing. Everywhere else the customer is always afraid of being deceived or to get the fake or substandard product but Amazon is on top just because of its high check and balance.

But there are some of the really strict policies here as you can’t do anything about it and you have to sign them. Like a customer can complain about you whenever they find out the product is not good or the service is not satisfactory.

Likewise third party can also complain about anything happening on the backend. For example, if you are using any prohibited materials or doing something really messed up then it might be possible that someone noted it and file an appeal against you.

As Amazon is not an ordinary shopping portal that is why they just not react on the appeal in fact, the management of the Amazon investigates the whole incident and then after a complete and keen observation if the burden is on the seller then his/her account will be suspended but of not then the management of Amazon do one thing. That is Amazon suspension appeal inauthentic.

Yes! If you didn’t do anything wrong then no worries at all because Amazon is here to protect you. There is no place for those complaints which have no point because Amazon does not want to lose any loyal seller because they are the one who are the back bone of this business.