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    If you need a simple Web site to advertise your business or club, we can create and set up the site. Typical sites cost about $150 to create and set up. (Special rates available for nonprofit organizations.) Routine updates, such as sale announcements or club meetings, can be added to the site when you need them for a fee as low $10.

Features include:

logos and other graphics, such as the one at the top of this page.
email links, such as Leithauser@aol.com.
hit counters like the one at the bottom of this page.
multiple pages accessed from the main page, like click here.
interactive map links showing your location, click here to see map to Leithauser Research offices.
You can have online calculators or even games. Click here to see a simple online calculator, click here to see an online Tic-Tac-Toe game, click here to see a very simple online video game.
submission to major search engines.
vanity names, like YourName.com or YourName.org, for $15/year.
Web hosting for $15/year, or free with advertising.

    For additional information, email Leithauser Research at Leithauser@aol.com or call (386)-738-0418.

Creating a simple Web site to provide information about your business can help in many ways. If you put your Web site address on your business card, it can turn your simple business card into an entire brochure or even catalog for your business. Ever time you hand out your card, you are allowing people to see an entire detailed description of your business by going to your Web site. The same is true of your yellow pages ad or a short ad in your newspaper. Instead of trying to describe all the aspects of your business in a few (and often expensive per word) ad, you can just put a brief description of what your business does and then list your Web page address.

Another advantage of a Web page is that it can be updated instantly. If you take out a detailed yellow pages ad, you cannot change it when you ad a feature to your business or change your prices. If your ad simply points people to your Web site, you can change your Web site any time for just a few dollars (see above). This makes Web sites particularly useful for small businesses that have a frequently changing inventory, such as artists. If you create a new painting or other product, you can ad it to your site for a few dollars.

Some site designed by Your-Cheap-Web-Sites.com:
Leithauser Research Computer Security and Access Control Software
Windows Software to Monitor and Record Computer and Internet Use
Custom software development and programming
Geometric Market Timing - How to Anticipate and Pinpoint High Probability Market Reversal Zones
Organic Perspectives of Uganda
Whistleblower consultants
Donna's Compassionate Care

Block Internet Access Software

You can save on the cost of the Web site by allowing small ads to be placed on the top and bottom of each page. Here are some examples of such sites:
Block Internet Access
Block Web Access
Block Web Sites

computer calendar
date calculator
calculate days between dates
calculate date
calendar program
calender program

calculate golf handicap

clock lock
prevent any change to the computer clock
prevent changing the computer clock

collect computer payment
enforce computer payment

computer access control

computer cafe
computer kiosk.

computer security

control computer time

control Internet access.

limit computer time

limit Web time

limit Internet time

restrict Internet access
prevent people from using the Internet
stop people from using the Internet

control using the Internet

employees from using the Internet.

on screen keyboard
onscreen keyboard

virtual keyboard

business software

financial software.

Score Tracker and Team Optimizer

select teams

optimize teams

track player scores.

Time Difference Calculator

calculate time difference

access control software

parental Internet control software

parental control software

Web site blocker software

restrict Internet Explorer
restrict Web access
restrict Web page
restrict Web site
restrict Web browsing

employee monitoring software
monitoring employee computer

restrict Windows XP and restrict software

restrict access to drives (external drives). In particular, restrict USB drives

Computer kiosk software
Internet cafe software
Internet Password Lock

Password Shield can provide password security using a secure password manager to provide secure password management and secure password storage.



Windows Computer Software
Tallahassee Clean Windows


Kantar Media Audiences - Kantar Media data and analysis are essential to organisations across the globe, from broadcasters and advertisers to programme makers and media specialists.
EcoTours Travel Uganda: Socially Responsible Tourism and Travel 


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Half of all profits from this site are donated to Trees For The Future, a nonprofit organization that plants trees in Africa, Asia, and Central and South America (about ten trees are planted for each dollar donated). These trees remove carbon dioxide from the air (about one ton per tree), reversing global warming. Since many of the trees are fruit trees, they also provide food to help feed starving people in underdeveloped countries. For more information, go to www.plant-trees.org.